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In the last years Joachim Knudsen has been working in major TV and FILM roles as well as he is known for quality commercials.
For Danish broadcast TV "DR" Joachim played a leading role in a crime series.
As well as in a supporting role for a Documentary series.

Furthermore Joachim has been starring in two films of young directors in Denmark.

In the Commercial realm he has offered his craft as one of the leads for
"Nordicbet" as well as "Hiper Internet" and many more.

Joachim Knudsen trained and is constantly training in the following fields.
Checkhov Technique as well as Career Coaching with German international
Actress and Acting Coach Lisa Riesner as well as with known Danish director
Jonas Elmer around Improvisation, Film and Acting.
Joachim is curious to learn and enjoys keeping his craftalive.

At the moment next to acting training he is focusing working on his language skills and makes Joachim a not only talented,  professional and flexible actor but also very committed to his craft.

Joachim is a Danish actor fluent in English and Danish working internationally.

I de seneste år har Joachim Knudsen arbejdet i store tv- og filmroller, ligesom han er kendt for kvalitetsreklamer.
For DR spillede Joachim en hovedrolle i en krimiserie.
Samt i en birolle for en dokumentarserie.

Desuden har Joachim medvirket i to film af unge instruktører i Danmark.

På det reklameområde har han tilbudt sit håndværk som en af hovedrollerne for "Nordicbet" samt "Hiper Internet" og mange flere.

Joachim Knudsen er uddannet og træner løbende inden for følgende områder.
Checkhov teknik samt karriere coaching med tysk international
skuespiller og skuespiltræner Lisa Riesner samt med kendt dansk instruktør
Jonas Elmer omkring improvisation, film og skuespil.

Joachim er nysgerrig efter at lære og nyder at holde sit håndværk i live.

I øjeblikket fokuserer han ved siden af skuespiluddannelsen på at arbejde på sine sprogfærdigheder og gør Joachim til en ikke kun talentfuld, professionel og fleksibel skuespiller, men også meget engageret i sit håndværk.

Joachim er en dansk skuespiller, der taler flydende engelsk og dansk og arbejder internationalt

Tv - Series


|Lead Actor|

|Supporting Actor|

Stilbillede af Joachim Knudsen afsnit af De Danske Historiske Mord


|2023| Nordicbet| Bacon CPH|

|Lead Actor|

|2023| Falck| CPH Casting|

|Supporting Actor|

|2023| DGI| Sjort|

|Lead Actor|

|2023| Novo Nordisk| Novo Nordisk A/S|

|Lead Actor|

|2022| Hiper| CPH Casting|

|Lead Actor|

|2022| Tivoli| Kind films|

|Lead Actor|

|2022| Danish Safety Authority|
|Jalabert Productions|

|Lead Actor|

|2022| Red Cross - Nescafe||

|Lead Actor|

|2022| Malaco| Plotworks|

|Supporting Actor|

Hiper Commercial 2021-23

Tivoli Commercial 2023

Danish Safety Authority 2022

|2022| The Danish Tax Agency| Holy Ravioli|
|Lead Actor|

|2022| SDU Law Education| SDU|

|Supporting Actor|

Training &

I2022 - 2024 IJonas Elmer| Filmdirector|
|Film- and Casting Coach|

Nordicbet 2022

DGI 2023

I2011| Theatre in Toftlund| 6 month|
|Theatre director 
Brian Lyrsholt|

Special Skills

|Fighting with medieval swords|

|2022| DFDS| FBvB|

|Supporting Actor|

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